Finding the Best Sports Car Insurance

If you’re a speed demon with money to spare, owning a sports car is a no-brainer. For you there’s nothing better than gripping the wheel of a V-12, 750-horsepower street-legal race car. Your fast whip offers a lot more than an average sedan, so it should be treated accordingly.  

Thankfully, there’s coverage that can make sure one of your most prized possessions is safe and secure. Our independent agents have the lowdown on how to insure your sports car the right way.

What is Sports Car Insurance?

It’s an agreement between you and an insurance company that will help protect you from financial loss in case of an accident. Simply put, it’s a type of auto insurance designed specifically with a sports car in mind.

How do Insurance Companies Define a Sports Car?

There are several key factors that insurance companies consider when defining a sports car. Some will be the same across the board, but providers will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Common factors that define a sports car:

  • Make and Model: Brand of vehicle and how it runs is one of the main determining factors. 
  • Cylinders and horsepower: More speed and power can lead to higher risk of accidents. 
  • Price: Cars with higher price tags can assume higher rates, due to the cost to repair or replace.
  • Height and weight: Generally, sports cars have a lower profile and weigh less, making them quick and highly maneuverable. 

What’s the Difference Between Sports Car Vs. Regular Car Insurance?

The biggest difference is risk. Sports cars come with more risk factors than a standard vehicle. And coverage and rates will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Common risks not typically associated with standard vehicle:

  • Performance: Any vehicle that can accelerate at a fast pace, stop quickly, and enter turns at high speed is risky for obvious reasons. 
  • Expensive to repair: If you have a foreign or imported vehicle, just finding parts and certified repair shops can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. 
  • Theft: Thieves often target sports cars, and if stolen, they are likely to cost more to replace.
  • Age of driver: Younger less experienced drivers are often more attracted to fast, sporty vehicles. 

What Does Sports Car Insurance Cover?

Just like typical auto insurance, sports car insurance will provide general collision and liability. Most full coverage sports car insurance will include a combination of the following:

  • Liability or no-fault insurance coverage: This will pay for any bodily injury and property damage to someone else or their vehicle and/or property as a result of an accident.
  • Collision coverage: This will pay for any damages that your vehicle incurs during an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This will pay for vandalism, theft, and other damages that could happen to your vehicle outside of an accident. 

While this is the typical offering of auto insurance, there’s also a variety of coverage that can be added to protect against unique risks and curb out-of-pocket spending.

How Much Does Sports Car Insurance Cost?

Not only will the make, model and engine size of your car affect the cost of your policy. Factors like location, gender, age, driving history and how often you drive it will also determine rates.

If you’re choosing between a family minivan and a sports car, the difference in premiums will be significant. However, if you’re choosing between a luxury SUV and a sports car, rates may not be that crazy different. 

How to Get Affordable Sports Car Insurance

Insurance premiums may be higher, but if you’re interested and a bit savvy, there are ways to help lower the cost.

  • Keep a clean driving record and a good credit score.
  • Wait until you’re over the age of 25 to buy a sports car.
  • Choose to pay a higher deductible.
  • Purchase a car with safety features like anti-lock brakes, airbags and anti-theft.
  • Use a less risky car for everyday use and drive your sports car less often.
  • Use one insurance company to insure all vehicles, and if possible, bundle your auto insurance with your homeowners or other insurances to possibly receive lower rates. 
  • Compare multiple quotes. (Our agents will be able to help you find ideal quotes and coverage)

Finding and Comparing Sports Car Insurance Quotes?

Our awesome agents will review your needs and help you evaluate which type of sports car insurance makes the most sense. They’ll also compare policies and quotes from multiple insurance carriers to make sure you’re properly protected. So you’ll have that going for you.

The Sweet Benefits of an Independent Agent

Insurance policies are complex, searching through options can be confusing, time consuming and frustrating. An independent agent’s role is to simplify the process to make sure you get the right coverage.

They’ll walk you through a handpicked selection of top sports car policies. Plus, they’ll break down the nitty gritty into more digestible terms, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

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