Best Desktop Computers 2019

These days, computers are more advanced than ever before. They’ve evolved to the point of using eight core processors and high-end graphics cards that can handle real time ray tracing – things that would have been impossible even 10 years ago. So, if you want to stay on the cutting edge in 2019, you’re going to want one of the best PCs, even if all you do is browse Twitter.

desktop computers

Luckily, the best PCs are more affordable than ever – you can easily find a capable PC or even an all-in-one desktop for 500 bucks. And, they’ll last forever, because the best PCs will let you upgrade your components, easily staying up to date by slotting in new and improved PC components, like fast SSDs, more RAM or maybe even the best graphics card.

Still, going out and buying the best PC can get confusing. So, we decided to gather up all the best PCs on the market, paying special attention to any that strike a golden balance between price and performance. So, keep reading, and you’ll find all the best PCs on the market right  now.

The Dell XPS tower, for lack of a better word, is a stealthy PC. It looks quite similar to the type of PC that your parents had hidden beneath the desk, its boring exterior hides an exciting array of components. You’ll find up to a GTX 1080 graphics card, 8th-generation Intel Core processors, and a spacious hard drive and/or SSD. Now, the Dell XPS Special Edition is only available in the US, but our readers in the UK and Australia will still be able to pick up the regular Dell XPS tower and beef it up to the same level through Dell’s configuration page – just with a different chassis.

The Microsoft Surface Studio was the best PC for artists when it first launched, so we were excited when Microsoft announced the sequel. Packed with Kaby Lake mobile graphics and Nvidia Pascal graphics, the Surface Studio 2 is way more powerful than the original, and should be able to handle everything you can throw at it for the next few years at least. And, it’s still got that gorgeous PixelSense display with Surface Pen support, making it retain the title of the best PC for artists.

If you’re on the market for a great desktop experience, but you don’t have a ton of space, the Intel Hades Canyon NUC should be at the top of your list. With this tiny bare-bones PC, you have an insanely fast 8th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and discrete-class AMD Radeon graphics. And, once you throw in some RAM and storage, you’ll be able to conquer the best PC games without a care in the world. Sure, it won’t stand up against a full-sized desktop, but when you’re short on space, or you’d rather have a PC that looks like a set-top box, it’s totally worth the compromise.

The Alienware Aurora R7 isn’t just a great gaming PC, but it’s one of the best PCs you can buy today. Not only does it feature fantastic performance with its 8th-generation Intel Core processor and GTX 10 series graphics, but this power is conveniently stored away in its compact chassis. It’s even surprisingly affordable, considering the power on offer, and it’s even easily upgradeable, despite its unique build. With the Aurora R7, Alienware continues its journey back to the top of the best PCs.

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